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Cocoa: God’s food, human delight

Chocolate and all its fabulous derivatives, like everyone knows, come from cocoa. The exact name of this plant is Theobroma Cacao (literally goddess food) and it was Linneo in person to give it. The chocolate name instead derives from the atzeco xocoatl term.

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Cane sugar: virtue and production

Barley sugar has many more preferable properties than the white one: the same weight gives a greater intake of vitamins and mineral salts and a lower caloric intake, which drops considerably in the case of whole cane sugar.

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Charge your tricks!

We will accompany snowboarders at Summer SnowboardCamp 6punto9 2017 in Les Deux Alpes, France. Our creams will be the answer when they look for the right burden or a moment of serenity!

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